Something Strange & Deadly Part One Discussion Questions

My fellow Waterwitch, Stephanie is conducting a readalong running from OCT 10 – JAN 4. We want people to come together to read or reread Susan Dennard series Something Strange and Deadly to celebrate her fabulous writing. Feel free to join up and there will be giveaways as well.


Q: How do you think you would react to the dead walking around in your city?

A: I freak out over the smallest thing and make a big drama over nothing although zombies are a BIG thing, I’ll have everything in the house barricaded, find anything that I can use as a weapon. Reading has the power to teach you to learn how to defend and fight for survival.

Q: What do you think about the dead? Are you glad it isn’t too Zombie-ish, or were you hoping for a more Zobie-esque theme?

A: To be honest I didn’t know this was a zombie book until my clan was having a discussion one day but to be honest I really didn’t care, books can surprise you in many ways. I love the mix Susan had brought to this first half of the novel a bit of zombies here and there, the gadgets, ghost/spirit and all.

Q: How do you feel about Eleanor as a character?

A: I like Eleanor, she describes me as well, she is very down to earth, she is very curious and wants to get to the truth even if it gets you into trouble at the end of the day. Never good to keep secrets but sometimes you have to protect the ones you love.

Q: What was your first impression of Daniel Sheridan? Joseph Boyer?

A: I love Daniel and Joseph they have something different about them but as a team it works well. Daniel had this cocky rudeness about him but you ignore it and warm up to him. Joseph is sweet, kind, gentle and is a person you look up to.

Q: What was your favourite part of the first half of the book and why?

A: When we met the spirit hunters, everything that was happening with the zombies, séance, the spirit, started to make sense, I started to understand what this book is about.

Q: If you haven’t read this before (or already finished it), what are your theories for the second half of the book OR even the rest of the series?

A: I think Eleanor and spirit hunter will get to the bottom of the truth but I don’t think they will get the ending they wish for. Being a trilogy it’s got to be the beginning of something strange to come. Clarence is hiding something that I can’t put my finger to it yet, can’t wait to find out what he is hiding and her brother Elijah is hiding a dark secret, don’t think he is a zombie but he might be putting the family in danger.

As for the rest of series, I don’t think the zombies aren’t over yet or something more dangerous than zombies will get Eleanor and the spirit hunters thinking.

Q: Bonus: Share with us some of your favourite quotes!

  • “Dead! a women screamed It’s the Dead!”
  •  “My daughter’s biggest vices are curiosity and a fondness for buttered toast.”
  • ‘In an instant I understood Elijah’s favourite line from Macbeth: “There’s daggers in men’s smile.”
  • “Why are you talkin’ like that?” “Like what?” “Like you’re a kitten.” “I thought it mite calm you.” “I don’t need calming,” he snapped.
  •  “Miss Fitt, you know curiosity gets met killed.” I grinned. “Then I daresay it’s good I’m a woman.”
  • I might have to trust Daniel Sheridan, but I didn’t have to like him.
  • Life still needed living even if there was something strange and deadly going on in Philadelphia.
  • Curiosity is a strong fire, and once ignited, it is not easily put out.
  • Grimoires, spirit power, and voodoo. It was more horrifying and fantastic than I’d ever imagined
  • “Do you have a death wish?” “Or do you visit such deadly places by accident?”
  • “Can’t say I’m surprised you were here. You have the curiosity of cat and the common sense of a goldfish.”


So far I’m loving this book and I want to thank Stephanie for coming up with is readalong, you are amazing and can’t wait for the next questions. If you haven’t signed up, you can signed up here:

Part Two coming soon


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