2016 Elemental Reading Challenge

element sign


Welcome to my first read along challenge, I want to thank my fellow Waterbabes for coming up with this idea back in October and I want to do the honour to continue this read along. The reason why I’m doing this read along is too get people excited for the release of Susan Dennard second novel Windwitch and of course I wanted to try my own reading challenge I know I’m starting this read along a month later than usually and I’m sorry but will be going on a little longer till the release of Windwitch.


Challenge Rules/Guidelines

  1. This challenge will run from Feburary 1st 2016 till January 5th 2017 (keep this in mind this date may change because there isn’t any date for Windwitch release.)
  2. Anyone can enter as long as you are posting your reviews on your blog, Goodreads, amazon, ect.
  3. Rereads are allowed as long you review it in 2016 till the release of Windwitch
  4. There will be a giveaway at half way point around late June to early July and late December to early January.
  5. Use #2016ElementalRC on Twitter to show off your update for the challenge.


Find a book with an element in the title  or something else that links with that element

Water: a book about pirates or mermaids or anything that links to water for example tears, sea, rain

Fire: a romance or passionate, dramatic story or anything that links to fire for example inferno, ashes, smoke

Air: a book about angels or dragons or anything that links to air for example wind, sky, cloud, space

Aether: paranormal reads

Void: a murder mystery, or novel with insanity and blood

Earth: a book with farming or with strong links to the land or anything that links to earth for example dust, soil



Choose a level that fits you the best

Earth3.png  Earth 1-5 books



water1.pngWater 6-10 books



Air.png  Air 11-16




Fire1.pngFire 17-21 books



Aether.pngAether 22-27 books



Void.pngVoid 28+ books