Truthwitch Party Ideas

As you all my or my not know I’m part of Susan Dennard street team and we have to come up with 5 party ideas. So hear we go. Enjoy!!!


Idea 1 Message In a bottle

Those bottle contained one of the main characters in Truthwitch. The idea is you pick a bottle, read the message in the bottle and have to find either your Truthwitch, threadwitch, windwitch or bloodwitch.


Idea 2 Cookies

Back in October our Water girls came up with a reading challenge with an elemental book title for example:

Water: a book about pirates or mermaids

Fire: a romace or passionate, dramatic story

Air: a book about angels or dragons

Aether: paranormal reads

Void: a murder mystery, or novel with insanity and blood

Earth: a book with farming or strong links to the land

I use this table to make my cookies clans, you can make other cookies related to the book or what’s above.

Table shows below what you can put into your cookies if you don’t want to make ordinary choc chip or m&m’s

Water/Void(blue/purple) Fire (red) Air (yellow/orange) Earth (green) Aether


Sweet Blueberries Apples Apricots Avocados Bananas
Blackberries Blood Oranges Cantaloupe Green Apples Dates
Black Currants Cherries Pineapples Green Grapes White Nectarines
Dried Plums Cranberries Oranges Honeydew White Peaches
Plums Pomegranates Lemons Kiwifruit Brown Pears
Raisins Raspberries Mangoes Limes Nuts
Strawberries Nectarines Chocolate(soil)
Pink/red grapefruit Persimmons
Savoury Blue Cheese Beets Carrots Asparagus Ginger
Black Olives Radishes Pumpkin Artichokes Garlic
Eggplant Red Onions Sweet Corn Broccoli Cauliflower
Rhubarb Squash Celery Onions
Tomatoes Rutabagas Leeks Parsnips
Ginger Cheese Spring Onions Mushrooms
Zucchini Turnips
Cucumber Shallots

I tried to make my own cookies from scratch but summer weather doesn’t help, I just brought pre made packet from my local supermarket


My cookies contain

 Water: blueberry

Fire: pommegrate

Earth: Nutella (soil)

Air: banana

Aether: vanilla essence

Void: strawberry jam

They are not perfect and I do apologise to the Fire Clan, they are thin and my piping this is my first time.

Idea 3 Act a Scene

I’ve created a game from Susan’s Something Strange and Deadly series and her new series Truthwitch. It’s a fun game for everyone to join in and once the game is finished, play again.

Scene you will find in the jar:


1)  Wind thrashed upward, spraying Safi’s hair from her face and almost pushing her away-except that Merik moved in. He pressed Safi to the rock, and in a roar of wind and heat, he kissed her.

2)  And with a harsh exhale, he stomped all the around to the opposite side of the table. “Really?” she cried. “Am I that awful to be around?” You are.” “I just want to look at the agreement!” She tossed her hands high. “Shouldn’t I know what my uncle expects from you? Expects from me?”

3)  A fatal mistake for anyone but a Bloodwitch, and as a guild hilted knife thunked into Aeduan’s shoulder, a temper he rarely released rumbled to life-then erupted. With a battle cry, Aeduan ripped his sword from its scabbard and attacked the person ahead—the person’s whose knife was now scraping against his shoulder bone. A man with fair hair.

4)  Not only did she know the four-step-a Nabrevnan dance popular between lovers or performed as a feat of athletic prowess-but she was good at it.

5)  “I almost forgot-I have a gift for you.” Iseult plied a leather cord from her blouse and tugged it over her head. Safi;s forehead crinkled, her thoughts and guilt swirling away. “Is this a Threadstone?” “Yeah.” Iseult nudged her with her left elbow. “It’s a ruby.” “But aren’t Threadstones for finding Hear-Threads?” “Not necessarily. They can be used to find anyone in your Thread-family.” Iseult eased a second stone from her dirty blouse. “I have a match, see? Now, when either of us is in danger, the stone will light up. They’ll dim the closer we get to each other.” 

6)  “You can, though.”Kullen angled forward, flour puffing from the top of the sack. Were the situation any different, it would’ve made Merik-and Kullen-laugh. “If you get to Lejna and you get your trade agreement, then it’ll all work out. You’re destined for greatness, Merik. I still believe that.

7)  A madi spotted Aeduan trudging over the path. She screamed; the glass in her hands fell—and shattered. Aeduan would have simple strolled on if the woman hadn’t then shrieked, Demon!” “Yes,” her growled, his wet boots slapping onto the patio. He locked eyes with her; she trembled. “I am a demon, and if you scream again. I will make sure the Void claims your soul.”

8)  Safiya mistook his distress for laughter. “Do you think this is funny? Because I’m not laughing Prince.” “Nor am I,” he answered. “And I told you to be quite.” “No you told me to push, Which I did-except that you fell. Where was your wonderful Windwitchery then?” “I must’ve left it onboard the Jane.” Abdomen tightening, he lifted his face close to her. “Right next to my patience for your constant harping.” As long as he stayed angry, he wouldn’t have to think about the shape of her mouth. The weight of her hips pressing into his. Her eyed thinned. “If you think this is harping, you’re in for quite a treat-”

9)  Safi acted instantly-as did the monk. His sword swished from its scabbard; her knife came up. She clipped the edge of his blade, parrying it aside. He recovered and lunged. Safi lurched back. Her calves hit Iseult. Yet in a single fluid movement, Iseult kneeled-and Safi rolled sideways over her. Initiate. Complete. It was how the girls fought. How they lived. Safi unfurled from her flip and withdrew her sword just as Iseult’s moon scythes clinked free. Far behind them, more explosions thundered out. Shouts rose, the horsed kicked and whinnied. Iseult span for the monk’s chest. He jumped backward and skipped onto the carriage wheel. Yet where Safi had expected a moment of distraction, she only got the monk diving a her from above. He was good. The best fight she’d ever faced. But Safi and Iseult were better.

Something Strange and Deadly Series

1) With his hands still planted on my arms and with his lips curved in a satisfied grin, he drawled: “I’m Daniel Sheridan, by the way.” He said it so casually, as if all introductions were preceded by manhandling. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss…” I twisted free. The rascal. The scalawag. I gave him my haughtiest stare. “I am Miss Eleanor Fitt of the Philadelphia Fitts.” He flashed his eyebrows and doffed an imaginary hat. “Why then, you’re practically royalty.” He whirled around and strode back into the lab. The door slammed shut behind him.

2) I gulped and turned my attention to Jie. Now that I knew he was a she it seemed obvious–the soft curve of her face, the grace in her tiny hands, and the definite roundness near her bosom. But then why the dickens did she dress like a boy? I stared at her linen trousers and matching blazer. She even wore a cherry-red necktie at the nape of a white shirt. And if that wasn’t masculine enough, her hair was braided down her back while the front half of her head was shaved completely bald. “You done admiring me? she asked. Her voice was a sweet soprano, and only the faintest accent clung to her words. “I, uh–” “You never seen a Chinese person before?” She shoved her hands in her pockets and scowled.

3)  The key, I saw, was in destroying their legs, so I rushed forward and hurled my parasol at a corpse’s knew. The joint splinted and rolled inward; and before the Dead could grasp at me, I shoved it with my parasol. Down it went.

4) She was the same girl from the summer—fierce, quick to smile, and unafraid—but there was a new dullness in her eye. “You don’t like it here,” I started. “Is it that obvious?” Her eyes slid to mine. “It’s not the city’s fault, or even the Parisians’. Truth is, I’ve just been lonely.” “Me too.” I sighed and hooked her arm in mine. “But now we’re together.” She chuckled. “And I’m glad for it, yeah?” Suddenly her breath caught, and she wrenched free. “Eleanor, you have two hands! How?” “Uh, w-well,” I stammered. It was all fine to avoid mentioning Oliver, but this would certainly need an explanation. Stupid Eleanor! Why hadn’t I prepared an answer for this?

5) Without thinking, I acted. I threw my hands up, latching onto my spiritual energy, and drawing in a warm, buzzing well of power. Then, like cracking a whip, I flung it at the body. The instant my magic touched the Dead, a leash formed between us—but not a leash I could control. This corps wasn’t bound to a necromancer. It was one of the Hungry: animated by a spark and searching frantically for any soul to consume. I had no idea how to blast its magic back to the spirit realm. That was Joseph’s trick, and it needed electricity. Yet I found I could affect the corpse. I could pump my will into it. “Stay!” My voice ripped out, high and desperate. “Stay back!”

6) “You saved my life, Empress. And Joseph’s. I reckon that makes us even.” “Even,” I murmured, not particularly aware of what I was saying. My eyes were stuck on Daniel’s throat. On the faint flutter of his pulse. It was… fascinating. It meant he was alive. We were both alive. Without thinking, I rolled onto my tiptoes and brushed my lips over that patch of skin, over his heartbeat. He stiffened. I lurched back. Heat flushed through me. “I-I am so sorry,” I tried to say, but my voice barely squeezed through my pinched throat. And Daniel simply gaped at me, slack-jawed and frozen.

7)  “Empress. I need you to know something.” Then a long inhale, and he closed the space between us. “A few years ago,” he said, lowering his hand, “when I first met Joseph, I made a promise to myself. I swore I would live my life unflinching. Unafraid. Just like Joseph does. No matter how hard I try, though, I never seem to do that with you. Whatever you’re near, I flinch. Whenever I want you most, I always pull away. But…no more.” He shook his head once. “I’m going to tell you exactly how I feel-right now-and you can take it or you can leave it.  I just want you to know….I need you to know.” “I don’t know what’s coming, but I do know what’s behind us. We go back and forth all the time-me and you. Saving each other, fighting, flirtin…And unafraid,…in love with you.”

8)  “So that I may look the fool next to you?” I grinned, and Allison blinked. “Whatever do you mean?” Do not pretend you aren’t prettier that I.” Still smiling, I moved to my dress box and towed of the top. “Prettier than you,” Allison repeated softly, and I glanced at her in surprise. Her forehead was creased. “Do you really think that?” “It’s the truth, isn’t it?” I shrugged helplessly. “In all honesty, Allison, I have always envied your beauty. And all you friends. And, your wealth.” She shook her head, her frown only deepening. “People were not really my friends, Eleanor. It was all because of Father, Mercy, Patience-I spent all my time with them, but they were never like…like your friendship. With Miss Chen.”

9)  Jie, on the other hand, fidgeted and swung something in her hand. A sword.”Take this,” she said, extending it to me. A forehead bunched up. It was dented, chipped thing as long as her arm and double-edged. A laugh escaped my throat. “This was from Philadelphia. The ancient Roman sword you stole from the Centennial Exhibition.” “Yeah.” She bared a tight grin. “It still works fine, even if it is a thousand years old. I’ve kept it in my luggage since Philadelphia.” My left hand wrapped around the hilt. “But what will fight with.” She wiggled her fingers at me. “These will do fine. Here…” “Be careful, Eleanor.” “You too, Jie.”

10)              Is this real?” he asked softly. “Or am I sleeping?” I laughed, a soft but genuine laugh. “It real.” Ever so slowly, as if he feared the moment might break, Daniel eased closer. The breeze kept sweeping; the grass kept singing. He shook his head, almost in wonderment. “I have no idea where that dress came from, but I would say it was made for you. I gave a shy smile, and happy heat warmed my face. He grinned back and swopped into a graceful bow. “May i have this dance?” “There’s no music.” “We don’t need music.” “The last time we danced, at that ball in Paris, you were bewitched. I want you to have a new memory of dancin’ with me.” He eased into a slow one-two-three. “And I want to have a new memory too.”

Idea 4 Book Page Frame

I’ve created a photo frame based on what our clan meaning or the book challenge  (look at cookies for meaning) and in the frame I’ve placed clan meaning of each clan  for those who don’t know what they mean.

Thanks mum for the art work, I couldn’t do it better than you

Idea 5 Scrapbook

I’m calling this scrapbook ‘A Book of Memories’

You can write your own messages to the author, favourite quote take instant photos just anything you fancy. I have also made alterative covers and bookmark for page saver.


Sorry  it was long but one finale thing I want to thank  Charlene, Alyssa and Shanna for book quotes. Also Charlene hope you don’t mind  me using you example of clan meaning.