Sarah J Mass Big Announcement

Hello Readers,

 Image result for sarah j maasWell who isn’t excited for Empire of Storms to come out just a little over a month now and many of us are going to be sad when the series ends next year. Sarah will not only be finishing up the series but will be releasing two extra books coming out 2017. The World of Throne of Glass, The Ultimate guide which will include the world of Erilea, illustrated compendium of characters, setting, magic, gods, politics, creatures, vocabulary and timeline of events. A novella about Chaol Westfall the beloved captain of the guard.
Like many of us was who were thinking A Court of Thrones & Roses was going to finished in 2017 well they have added 5 more books, making it 8 in total. Sarah won’t reveal after book 3 will either be a spinoff or prequels but it has something for all of us to get excited when she reveals it in 2017. The other two books will be novellas. Like Throne of Glass, she be releasing a colouring book in 2017.
I’m super excited that they are creating a Ultimate Guide for Throne of Glass but am hoping they will release one for A Court of Thrones & Roses in the near future. I am hoping the ultimate guide will has everything that sums up the series, authors have made mistakes in the past but I know it will be amazing. I was also hoping Sam would come back from the dead would love to see a novella on him or even before he died.
To sum it up
  • A TOG Ultimate Guide
  • 1 TOG novella about Chaol
  • 3 new novels in ACOTAR, six in total in the series
  • 2 ACOTAR novellas
  • ACOTAR colouring book


Overall we have soo much too look forward starting with Empire of Storms and Throne of Glass colouring book coming out in September 2016 and I reckon 2017 is going to be much more bigger for Sarah.


Image result for throne of glass


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