Happy New Year


Almost a month into the New Year and still creating my New Year Resolution but I find what is really the point creating one where every year is pretty much the same. Anyway  this year I believe it will change, I believe it got something to do with the number 17 and of course I was born on the 17th. So far I’m planning to read a lot more books than originally planned the previous year, add more reading challenges and stick to a healthy diet. One of my resolution I’ve made many years ago is to move out of home and it’s happening very soon. Will this be the year where I finally achieved my goal? Finger cross this will be the year for change.

What are your New Year Resolution? Comment below

Happy  New Readers and Good Luck



Magic’s Song: A Nocturne Falls Universe story

Series: Nocturne falls Universe  
Genres: Romance Fantasy-Paranormal 
Source: Kindle  
Publisher: Sugar Skull  
Release Date: 24th January 2017  
Format: Kindle 
Pages: 63 
Get a copy: Amazon 
Also by the author: Carolina Wolf Legends & Lore
                    Wolves of Fenrir 




Welcome to Nocturne Falls, where there’s a supernatural on every corner, if you have the magic to see them.

Trick Scanlon is introduced to town when a playful horse nearly drowns him. Saved by a mermaid’s song, he’s just looking for a place to catch his breath. He never expects to be so drawn to his beautiful savior.

Daria Don’t-Call-Me-A-Mermaid Czernovitch has changed so much her stalker won’t ever find her. She has great friends – witches, gargoyles, and fairies – and she feels safe… until a former Army Ranger turned country music star pulls her into his spotlight.

Can he find his own magic? And will his fame threaten the anonymity she values so much? They make sweet harmony together, but one sour note could ruin it all.



my review

Dariah Black is a Rusalka has stayed out of the spotlight since an incident happen one evening back in Texas. Trick Scanlon a country singer has come to Nocturne Falls in need of a break from his tour and fans. Upon arriving, a horse tried to drown him, meets a beautiful women and finds out he has ability’s too. But when Dariah is pulled back into the spotlight, her fears and nightmare may become a reality. Trick has only know her for a couple days and will do anything in his power to protect her. Will history repeat itself or will her country ranger save her?

A lovely addition added to Kristen’s world. A short story, felt like a novel size and had all the essence Kristen brings to her own novels. Dariah and Trick are the new Johnny and June Cash and hoping Carson will write more in the new future. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


really love it