About Infinite Wonders

Infinite Wonders created on October 2015. I’ve created this blog, to express my own feeling about what I love most are books, music, TV shows and many other things that I’ll find interesting to share. 

About Me

My name is Madeleine (Maddie for short), creator of Infinite Wonders. I’m creative love to do little craft projects with my mum, keen and interested in taking up photography, addicted to online shopping. I am an animal lover, who’d love to adopt an animal. I have two pets of my own a dog name Casper and a budgie name Zsa Zsa

I love to travel the world one day, meet authors, actors and just about anyone who is famous. There is more out there to see out in the world.

I love collecting books, cd’s and just about anything interesting I can get my hands on. I have loved reading since I can remember, love to set my mind into an author’s imagination and delve into a world they have created.  I would love to have all of my books signed by my favourite authors I don’t if anyone suggesting me books to read always willing to try new genres. I am currently reading dystopia, mystery and fantasy. I can be very picky on my choices, I do apologies in advance. 



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